Plantronics BackBeat GO Review

Almost everyone right now has a smartphone, it could be either a Android, Apple or Windows smartphone. And owners of a smartphone always want to get an accessory for their phone, be it a protective case or headphones. So today I will be reviewing the Plantronics BackBeat GO bluetooth headphones.

These headphones are a unique set of headphones first and foremost if you always wanted to have a noise cancelling headphones these are the headphones for you. The ear tips that protect the headphones in your ear they come in 3 different sizes that fit the size of your ear. It does come with a cable that makes this a unique type of headphones but the cable will not ever tangle so you don't have to worry about losing any sound quality on your headphones. As I mentioned above that they are bluetooth headphones so you can connect them to your smartphone wirelessly or if you have a tablet or also if your computer has bluetooth. It also serves as a headset for your phone so you can talk to your friends using the headset. You can also control the volume on the headset with a control attached to the headset and you can turn them on using a button and you can hear the sound of when you turn them on and off. The battery life on the headphones is 4.5 hours.

My experience with these headphones was a decent experience if I can say so myself. First of all I charged them to enjoy them fully. When I charged them fully. I connected them wirelessly with my smartphone. And they connected automatically no problems. Once you start enjoying the headphones you forget what is around you. That is where the sound canceling comes in. If you don't want anyone to bother you. Just put these headphones on and you won't hear anyone.

Some of the draw backs that I had with these headphones was if your laptop has bluetooth it will not be able to recognize the headphones. So you won't be able to sync them up to your computer. Unless I wasn't doing it right. But it took a long time to sync up and I was never able to do it. When I did have it synced up to my smartphone I would lose some sound of the headphones and couldn't hear a thing I would have to disconnect it and try to sync it again. The cord that goes in front of you to control the volume on the headset is a bit distracting and during this time when people are worried about their devices. This could be target of someone yanking on them and stealing them away from you. Plantronics needs to work on some these issues perhaps on their next model that they come out with.

If you would like to try them out for yourself. AT&T currently has them available on their site for $99 I will provide to you the link so you can check them out. If you just click on the AT&T link you can gain access to the headphones.

My overall grade for this device is a : B- 

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