Google Nexus tablet

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Google has finally entered the tablet wars. They do have the OS that is incorporated into many other tablets that are not the iPad or the Kindle Fire. It was announced yesterday that Google would officially come out with their own tablet. Might I say that I come away very much impressed.

Google Nexus will feature a 7 inch screen, with a new OS that is called jelly bean aka Android 4.1

Now if you want to get ahead of the curve you can pre-order your very own Nexus via the Google Play section online. What everyone out there is waiting for is the price of course. It will be a very affordable alternative to the iPad. It will go for $199 for a 8GB and $249 for a 16 GB. They will start shipping them in mid July to the customers in the U.S, U.K, Canada and Australia.

It does come with free stuff that everyone likes. First you get $20 to spend on Google Play, the tablet will come pre-loaded with Transformers Dark of the Moon movie, the Bourne Domination book, and issues of Food Network and Popular Science among many others.

What is under the hood of this device? It features a HD display, has a quad core processor and a 12 core GPU. Which if you total that up is 16 cores. So in reality it is a beast.

As is customary in most of these devices it features a front facing camera for video conferences with friends and family. Of course has  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also has it's own personal assistant like a Siri like voice incorporated into the Nexus. It will also be the first device that will have the Google Chrome as the web browser. Google officials promised up to 9 hours of video playback time.  So we will have to see if this is true.

The question is now who is going to not benefit from this new device? Well as I mentioned at the beginning I came away impressed. But I think that the iPad has nothing to worry about because it has it's own fans and they will flock to the device and plus there could be a new version of the iPad much like the Nexus. I really think that the Fire should be worrying about this new device. Reason is that the price is similar to the Fire and features a lot more than the Fire offers. So Amazon the ball is in your court and will you be coming out with a new tablet? Stay tuned.

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