Apple 2012 WWDC news

The WWDC known as the World Wide Developers conference yesterday featured the grand debut of Apple's new laptop  line and OS for their iPhone and computer. Before the announcements were made Siri made an appearance keeping the audience entertained with some jokes. Once Siri was done being the comedian that we didn't know Tim Cook made his grand appearance and dished some numbers of how the App store was the top selling compared to others. And then without further ado he passed it off to one of his associates and he made the bigger announcement.

Phil Schiller then made the announcement that Apple is launching an upgraded laptop lineup. First up was the Macbook Air which has revolutionized the way people look at notebooks. Copycats have tried to copy the Macbook Air and have not come close. I have to say that I have grown to like this notebook, when I first saw this notebook for the first time I thought it was a big time loss for Apple. But they have somehow changed my mind. Let's go into specifics.

Macbook Air - The new Air you can have it configured to max. So here is how you can have it look like the best machine in the world. You have a dual core i7 processor at 2.7 GHz, you can add up to 512 MB of flash storage, it is 2x faster than the previous version. It features USB 3.0 which is faster than USB 2.0 but if you have devices that use USB 2.o it will still work on this computer, It has a Facetime HD camera for you video conferencing. You can get it in 2 sizes 11 or 13 inches. If you want to go out and get one you don't have to wait. It has started shipping. If you don't want to get it online you can go to your local Apple store and test it out and get your hands on it now.

Macbook Pro- This is one of the most popular laptops just by what it does and the way it looks. This computer gets a bump in processor speed and they also started shipping yesterday but you can pick it up at your local Apple store right now. But what was the star of the show was the even better Macbook Pro, it features a whole new high resolution display that is referred to as retina display and it is very gorgeous. Very thin at 0.71 inch it is as thin as a Macbook Air. It weighs 4.46 pounds it is the lightest Macbook Pro ever. 7 hours of battery life, dual microphones and speakers. As you all know the price is pretty steep for this machine. You are looking at a price of $2,199 or $2,799 They both in come in 15 inch displays it just depends if you want fast or faster.

OSX Mountain Lion - There were some interesting things for this new OS. First dictation. We all know that we sometimes don't want to be typing. So now with Mountain Lion you can say what you want to be typed.  If you have a favorite person that you e-mail with on a constant basis you can make that person your Mail VIP. Also if you like something that you see online you can now hit a share button on your task bar and send it to any person that you wish. A cool thing that everyone will like is the price is $19.99 and will come out in July and only in App store. But if you have not upgraded to Lion you can upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion but if you have Lion you can upgrade from that version as well. So there is no limit.

iOS 6 -  iOS 6 will features as many as 200 new features. First off Siri the most favorite personal assistant to the stars will now be featured in more than one language. It will be more of a international Siri. You can have a spanish Siri, a canadian Siri, korean Siri. Siri knows a lot about sports, restaurants and movies, so it has trained itself well for every use. You can ask Siri what is Derrick Rose's scoring average? It will tell you what his scoring average is. You can ask it what kind of food is served at this restaurant? And it will tell you what food they serve. Another new feature is let's say your busy doing something and your phone rings you have the phone send out a message saying that this person is not available. But you can also have the iPhone remind to call that person back when you are done doing what were doing. Many times also who hasn't been in this situation it's late at night and you want to get some rest and the phone rings. Now with iOS 6 you set your phone with a Do Not Disturb button. So you will not see the phone ring but the person trying to reach will not notice it and just leave you a message. Who has run into this problem you are in an area without Wi-Fi and you get a Facetime video call? Well now with iOS 6 you can have that video call without relying on Wi-Fi. So this will be out in the Fall and it will work for the 3GS and newer iPhone's.

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