Another pre-paid iPhone

Remember back to last week when I had posted that Cricket wireless would be  launching a pre-paid iPhone. I had made a comment that pretty soon every pre-paid cell phone company would be launching their own pre-paid. Well not even a week since posting my post comes word that Sprint will be launching the pre-paid iPhone by the end this week.

You might be saying well Sprint does not have a pre-paid cell phone? That is true. But they working with Virgin Mobile. That is who will releasing the pre-paid iPhone.

The official release date of the pre-paid iPhone for Virgin mobile will come around July the 1st according to various online posts.

Sprint also aids Boost mobile and it is unclear if they will also be carrying the pre-paid iPhone. There were some rumors floating around saying that they would be carrying the iPhone sometime in September. We should tune in and see if this rumor holds to be true since Sprint and Virgin mobile will be carrying the pre-paid iPhone.

Virgin mobile already has a pricing plan for their existing smartphones and they go for $35 a month with unlimited data plan but they do slow down the data speeds at 2.5 GB.  It is unsure if they will be offering the iPhone at this price because it would be a sweet deal.

I assume they might up the price for customers that want the pre-paid iPhone. We will see when Sprint makes the official announcement.

Update - Well the announcement was offically made and they Virgin Mobile USA that is represented by Sprint will start selling the prepaid iPhone on June the 29th. The pricing is as follows it starts out at $30 a month and goes as high as $50 a month. Now the price is a bit steep. But here they are if you want the iPhone 4 8GB it goes for $549 and if you want the 4S 16GB that will go for $649 All the phone plans that Virgin offers gives you unlimited texting and data but you have the limit of 2.5 GB, but once you get to that limit the speed will begin to slow down for you. Virgin will offer the phone from their website and at your local RadioShack, Best Buy and other select retailers.

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