Pre-paid iPhone? It's true.

Who among us right here right now are customers of Cricket wireless? I am not currently a customer of Cricket, I am a AT&T customer. Cricket wireless has not been in business that long and they have made a major coup for themselves. Most of the major cell-phone retailers right now have their own iPhone. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and now add Cricket. Will we see T-Mobile join? Will we see Boost Mobile get in on the iPhone craze? Will we see other of these pre-paid cell providers get their own iPhone? Only time will tell.

We will now tell you the customer what you need to know about this deal that Cricket wireless has now with the iPhone. Cricket will launch their iPhone on June 22nd. They will be the first U.S carrier to offer a pre-paid iPhone without a contract. What are you looking at in terms of the monthly billings? Well it will go for $55 a month with unlimited voice and SMS as well as "unlimited" data usage but you will you have a limit of 2.3 GB after you reach that limit they will throttle down the speed on your iPhone.

The interesting part of this, is that Cricket will be offering this iPhone at a discount. Yes. You heard that right a discount. If you want the iPhone 4 8GB for $399 and the iPhone 4S 16GB  for $499. If you are looking at going to Apple for an unlocked iPhone you are looking at a higher price from Apple that you are looking at with Cricket and best yet you are not obligated to sign long term contracts with the Cricket.

Cricket has a market of close to 60 million users, so by  Cricket adding the iPhone it just adds to Apple's  monopoly in the smartphone market.

They will be entering a 3 year contact with Apple over that period they will make the commitment of purchasing at least $900 million worth of iPhone hardware over that time. They do contend that they will be carrying the new stuff that Apple announces. But the thing that was not confirmed was whether Apple and Cricket will launch their new products at the same time.

So we will see whether this was a good move by Cricket and whether Apple will be satisfied with joining forces with them. Only time will tell.

Update: Unfortunately for us here in Chicago and other major cities, the iPhone will not be able to work with Cricket's radio frequency they are not supported by the iPhone. So if you were to go to another city and import to Chicago it could work. But that is one thing that Cricket will not promote. But it is doable.

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