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Pre-paid iPhone? It's true.

Who among us right here right now are customers of Cricket wireless? I am not currently a customer of Cricket, I am a AT&T customer. Cricket wireless has not been in business that long and they have made a major coup for themselves. Most of the major cell-phone retailers right now have their own iPhone.... Read more »

HTC Titan II Review

Here is the review for another HTC phone. HTC is coming out with good looking phones. And this one is another one along with the HTC One X that I last reviewed and I came away very much impressed. I will offer my review at the end I will just go into what the phone... Read more »

Facebook and a picture app.. Perfect marriage

If you are a fellow reader of this blog posting, you are familar with the news that I had posted some posts back that Facebook and bought the little software company name Instagram, and bought them out for a cool million. Many of us wondered what that merger or marriage was going to be bringing... Read more »

Office for iOS and Android?

Who among us right now, would want to carry Office in their pocket and not just having it on your laptop. How about having it on your cell phone and or tablet. I do understand that all Windows phones that are coming out right now will have that feature already included with their brand new... Read more »

Kerry Wood we will miss you

If the news that is circulating the internet holds to be true I can not believe it myself. For someone who I remember who was going to be the ┬ánext Roger Clemens before we knew about all the steriods he took. I remember the day game vs the Astros where you struck out 2o Astros.... Read more »

HTC One X and White Beatbox Sound dock reviews

HTC One X review – Every phone manufacturer is trying to come out with a smartphone, but not only a good smartphone but one that can take away some people from the iPhone craze. And now here is HTC with the One X . At first when you first turn on the phone you look... Read more »

Kindle with a light?

Who amongst my fellow readers are currently owners of a Kindle e-reader? I am reading posts online that there will be an upgraded version coming out in July. What will the difference of this version be? The big difference is going to be a Kindle with a front light that will let you the reader,... Read more »

Spotify on the iPad is here

Spotify is already on the iPhone but we don’t pay much attention to it because we carry it in our pockets so we don’t get to notice what Spotfy has to offer. The iPad app is different because it gives you the cooler thing offer your home stereo, which benefits the High Def album art... Read more »

$99 Xbox 360 with a 2 yr contract

And yes it is true. When you read the headline you might have guessed that it was a joke. But no my friends this is very much true. Here are the official details on what you need to do to get your hands on the 360 for a low low price of $99. First for... Read more »

Introducing : Chicago Local Guide Android App

If you are a tourist to any city that you are visiting, who do you rely on to get you to the places you want to go to? Many times you will rely on your concierge at the hotel that will tell you of the things that are happening in the city or the local... Read more »