Office for iOS and Android?

Who among us right now, would want to carry Office in their pocket and not just having it on your laptop. How about having it on your cell phone and or tablet. I do understand that all Windows phones that are coming out right now will have that feature already included with their brand new phone. There are some people that won't buy anything Windows related, but their job and or school only let's you use Office and that has happened to many of us that have switched over from a Windows computer to an Apple computer.

Microsoft is planning on launching a portable version of their best seller Office suite. They want to make it available to you the user in November of this year. Now not only only do they want to launch it for the iPad but they also would like to get to every iPhone and iPod touch users. During the same time frame that I mentioned earlier they also would like to get Office on Android tablets and who knows if they will also make them available for Android phones. We will have to tune in and see when they make the launch official.

This move would be a great one for Microsoft. They would actually make the Office suite available to all popular mobile devices. By doing this you can open it up to others who want to incorporate in to their company phones. As it stands right now it is only available on their phones. Hopefully it does come to fruition. Let's cross our fingers.

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