My review - Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Any tablet that is out on the market at this present time will always be compared to the Apple iPad even if they don't want to. The iPad has set the standard for tablets and everyone else has to follow through and try to make a dent in Apple's empire of the tech industry.

So having said that. I tried out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities and 16 GB worth of storage. One thing that you notice first when you get your hands on the tablet is that it is very light weight. It is just under a pound and a little thicker than a pencil. So you can carry this tablet anywhere without it being a load to carry. It features 4G LTE technology which benefits the user if they are not  near a Wi-Fi connection they can access the 4G and you will not miss the Wi-Fi connection, it will download anything in just under a minute or 2, depending on the size of the file. The OS on the Galaxy Tablet is Android 3.2 which is better known as Honeycomb. It features a Snapdragon 1.5 GHz dual-core processor which helps if you want to multi-task with multiple things on your tablet. So what that means is that your tablet will not slow down and will be running very well.

Let me tell you some of experiences with Samsung Galaxy Tablet. It features a plastic back which gives it a nice clean look and will not scratch or so any damage. Like I mentioned, the 4G on the tablet is very fast that for anybody  is a winner. I mentioned above about the dual core processor that helps out the apps when they are loading because when you click on an app to load, it loads in about less than second which is very good because you don't want to be waiting for an app to load. Battery life on the tablet is excellent one of the best that I have dealt with. You can charge up your tablet and you can use it once and then use in 2 days and the battery will still be fully loaded. It does feature a front and back camera which helps if you are taking photos or want video chat with friend, co-workers, family. But the camera is decent not one of the best that I have dealt with. It features built in microphone which aids you when you don't want to type on the tablet and you want to have your own version of Siri to search for items on your tablet. Speakers are also on the device which helps when you are watching movies or videos on the YouTube app that is already included with the device.

Some of the drawbacks to the device is the apps that are in the Android market sometimes they are made for phones but they haven't changed the dimensions to make them them fit on the tablet. Also they sometimes do download but they don't load at times and you have to go to the task manager to get out of the app that you were in. So basically like a PC where you press CTRL, ALT, delete to bring up task manager to quite the applications that are on your computer. It comes with 16GB of storage capacity but they don't give you the option to load more memory on the device like some other devices have. The touchscreen is not quite as responsive at times which can be at times can be frustrating.

The price of the device is $479.99 with a 2 year contract and if you are not looking to get a contract you are looking at a price of $629.99. If this tablet is the one you are looking for you can find it at your local AT&T store and also online I have included the link if you want to check out the tablet for yourself.

Overall my review for the device I would have to say that it is not quite to the level to the iPad but I would shy away from the 2 year contract. You are better off looking at a Wi-Fi version and if also if they could add a Micro-SD slot to the device to give you more flexibility to add more storage capacity. I am not saying it is a bad tablet but there could be some improvements to make it look better.

My grade for this device is a C.

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