Kindle with a light?

Who amongst my fellow readers are currently owners of a Kindle e-reader? I am reading posts online that there will be an upgraded version coming out in July. What will the difference of this version be? The big difference is going to be a Kindle with a front light that will let you the reader, be able to read in the dark. Because as it stands right now you would have to purchase an additional light to attach to your Kindle. If the rumor is true, more people are going to flock to get their hands on this device then they are going to stand pat and keep the Kindle that they have currently.

As I mentioned above the rumored device is going to be released in July. Now what versions of the device will be available? Well you would have to suppose that there will be certainly a wi-fi version and if possible there could be a 4G or 3G version.

Now not only are they just planning on releasing this device but they are also upgrading their best selling tablet the Kindle Fire. Right now has a 7 inch display and with the rumored upgrade it will feature a 8.9 inch display.

Right now if you wanted to go out and buy the Nook and go with the night light attachment for your night reading you are looking at a price of $139 with $40 dollars going for the night light attachment.

The final question would have to be is Amazon going to be staying with the price that they have right now, or are they looking to up the price a little for new upgrades to their rumored device? It will just be a wait and see. So stay tuned with this post as for news on this device.


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