Kerry Wood we will miss you

If the news that is circulating the internet holds to be true I can not believe it myself. For someone who I remember who was going to be the  next Roger Clemens before we knew about all the steriods he took. I remember the day game vs the Astros where you struck out 2o Astros. It was a magical moment that I have never ever seen in my lifetime. I remember the bleacher bums holding up the K signs after each Astro that you struck out. After that moment you just etched your name on the Rookie of the Year award.

Then after that I remember you and Mark Prior carrying the Cubs to new heights that also remember very vividly. You just blew past the mighty Atlanta Braves and then took on the Florida Marlins or known as today as the Miami Marlins. Then all of Chicago knows what happened against the Marlins but we will not go into details. But you and that Cubs team did what no other team did was get out of the first round the playoffs, that had not happened since forever.

You always are around the city and even when you  went to play with the Indians and the evil empire of the Yankees, you always were a Cub in our eyes. You always do charity work with your wife here in Chicago. So when you came back and took a hometown discount I know that you held a special place in your heart to be with the Cubs and to retire as a Cub. And then when you made your grand entrance to the Cubs Convention this past winter it marked a great moment for the club and the fans to see you back.

Hopefully you can still be around the club in some capacity maybe as an announcer or an ambassador. Who knows what the future holds. for you. Good luck and thanks for the memories Kerry.

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