HTC Titan II Review

Here is the review for another HTC phone. HTC is coming out with good looking phones. And this one is another one along with the HTC One X that I last reviewed and I came away very much impressed. I will offer my review at the end I will just go into what the phone offers you the user.

It has a very big screen compared to the iPhone. The size of the screen is 4.7 touch screen that looks very impressive. It comes with a 16 mega-pixel camera and a 1.3 front facing camera. As with any new phone that is getting released now it comes with 4G technology. So if you were a fan of 3G, you won't find a phone that offers a 3G connection anymore. The OS is Windows 7.5 which is the latest and greatest in the Microsoft line. As you may know if you have any music that you want to play on this device it will play on the Zune player that is included with the phone. Bluetooth technology is included along with the Tri-Band capability, what that means is that you can use it around the world with having any problems. Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support.

Now let's get right to the business that we all came here for. I mentioned about that it has a 4.7 touch screen which is very responsive. With the 4G connection your apps load very quickly without it having any problems. If you need to download anything to with this phone that download times are very impressive. Battery life is very good. You can charge it fully and use it for long periods of time and not lose much battery life. If you read my post for the HTC One X, you know that I had mentioned that any user that purchases a phone they are purchasing it for the camera and they are using as their primary camera. I mentioned above that it comes with a 16 mega-pixel rear camera and I am very much impressed by the quality of the picture taking.

The things that I did not like go are minimal but very much important to you the user. When you are purchasing a smart phone you are looking at the Internet. I like to think that users like you purchase the phone because you like having the Internet in the palm of your hand without having to carry a laptop. Now take into account that the phone is Windows so they have to have the browser be the Microsoft Explorer browser. If you have had any experience with this browser on your computer. You know that it fails. That does not change here. When I tried loading a webpage to the page it took some time to load and then somehow got booted out just like Internet Explorer on your computer. I tried to load the page again and it failed. So that does factor into my final grade.  If you want to try out or look into this phone I will include the link for the HTC Titan II just click the highlighted HTC Titan II.

My overall grade for this phone is a C- 


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