HTC One X and White Beatbox Sound dock reviews

HTC One X review - Every phone manufacturer is trying to come out with a smartphone, but not only a good smartphone but one that can take away some people from the iPhone craze. And now here is HTC with the One X . At first when you first turn on the phone you look at the gorgeous which is out of this world. The display size is 4.7 inches and is also in HD. When I first received the phone I had to charge it completely so I could enjoy the phone to it's full capacity.  And I was not disappointed. I have to say that the battery life is adequate. Every cellphone has to have a camera and that is not the exception with this phone it has a 8 mega-pixel camera. When you first get your hands on the phone you notice a funny looking camera, you almost have to say it looks like a nipple. Sorry for the description but look at it for yourself. And you will agree. It also features a front facing camera for taking pictures of yourself or for web chat's . My experience with the camera was average. The photos that were taken were pretty average not up to par with the iPhone. No matter what type of picture you take it will not look right. It is almost like it is missing something. I was kind of surprised because I expected more from the camera of this phone. The speakers of this phone are good but it should come as no surprise because they are Dr. Dre Beats Audio speakers. It's almost like having Dr. Dre in the phone, helping the music on your phone sound good. Any new phone that is coming out on the market now will have a 4G LTE connection and this phone has it included and as with the Nokia Lumia 900 that I reviewed the speed on the phone and it is very fast. The processor on the HTC is a dual-core Snapdragon processor and I have to say I came away very much impressed with how you can multi task and not lose any power. The OS on the phone is the newest Android OS and that is the 4.o better known as Ice Cream Sandwich. It comes with 16GB of internal storage and that is all. You can not add any more storage. So overall I came away impressed with this phone but there was a drawback, people tend to look at their phones as their primary camera and after not being wowed by the quality of the pictures. That was a factor in my overall grade for this phone. But if you would like to check out the phone for yourself here is the link, just click on the highlighted HTC One X 

I have to give it a overall grade of a B+ 

Monster Beatbox Portable White -  Working alongside the HTC One X is the Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable. When you first get your hands on this sound dock you come away very much impressed by how light the dock is and easy to carry around. Hence why they call it portable. It comes in 2 versions a Black and White color. It has the big old B that is featured on Dr. Dre's headphones so you know how the logo looks. As I mentioned above it works side by side with the HTC One X but it can work with any iPhone or iPad or laptop that features Bluetooth. That is the big feature that this phone has the Bluetooth. My experience with the phone was kind of up and down. I had trouble setting up the Bluetooth with the HTC One X but after a couple tries I was able to get some sound but the draw back was that I tried to connect some of the radio stations on the phone with the sound dock but after trying to access it, I wouldn't hear a sound and then switch to another and then after a few minutes I would hear the 2 stations that I wanted to hear at the same time. I was able to try out my iPhone directly on the dock and I was very much impressed but the sound quality, it as close to a studio sound that you are going to get. You can add some batteries to the sound dock so you can don't have to carry around cords and plus you can have your own John Cusack "Say Anything" moment with the big B in the front of the dock. Even though I had some issues with the HTC phone working together with the with soundock  but overall I recommend this sound dock I will include the link if you would like to check out the Beatbox Portable for yourself.

My overall grade for this sound dock is a


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