Facebook and a picture app.. Perfect marriage

If you are a fellow reader of this blog posting, you are familar with the news that I had posted some posts back that Facebook and bought the little software company name Instagram, and bought them out for a cool million. Many of us wondered what that merger or marriage was going to be bringing us users. The marriage has produced the results.

What are the results of the marriage of Facebook and Instagram? Facebook has produced a stand alone iPhone app for Facebook users. This just aids the millions and millions users of Facebook so they can upload pics to their Facebook pages faster. The app is called Facebook camera.

If you have shopped the iTunes app store you may have noticed that there is an app called Facebook Messenger. What does that app do? Well as it states, you download the app and you can message your friends and family members on Facebook with the app. Now Facebook has said that messaging and posting photos are 2 of the most popular things that users do on Facebook. That is a reason why they created the app Facebook camera.

Now not only can you post photos with this app. You can change your photos to look cooler with filters that are included with the app. And the best thing of all is that it is a free download.

So if you didn't like uploading pics via the Facebook app on the iPhone.

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