$99 Xbox 360 with a 2 yr contract

And yes it is true. When you read the headline you might have guessed that it was a joke. But no my friends this is very much true. Here are the official details on what you need to do to get your hands on the 360 for a low low price of $99.

First for $99 you get the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect included. Now you have to agree to a $15 dollar a month contract with Xbox Live Gold. You have to go directly to a Microsoft store and for us here in Chicago we have to go to Oak Brook. I have included the link to the site, as to where you need to go get your hands on the console. As many of us who have a contract with a cellphone we always find out first as to how much the early termination fees cost. For this console it could go from $250 to $12 depending as to when you terminate the contract with Microsoft. Microsoft also states that they could cancel this promotion at any time.

From the details that I mentioned above from this promotion the one that is bad deal. Is the early termination fee that could deter people from heading out and getting a new console. But if you are not near a Microsoft store and have no way to get there that could also stop people from going out to their local Microsoft Store. Even the store that we have here in Oak Brook is a long way from Chicago and if you don't have your own transportation they won't be flooding the store. What Microsoft needs to open this offer online.  The reason maybe as to why they haven't opened this offer online is because they want to gauge the interest of the public.

The website The Verge states that "this bundle will cost $458.76 over the 2 year contract period. As compared to the $299 bundle bought outright, plus the 2 years at $59.99 of Xbox Live Gold, which can be found at a discount. " If you do the math then you see that the offer is better than going without a contract.

Update - Microsoft is officially expanding their $99 Xbox 360 to other retailers. Best Buy and certain number of Gamestop stores will be offering this special. It will start later this month.

We have to see if this somehow moves Microsoft's sales up, or will they have to open it up to not only store locations. Stay tuned.

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