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Jump on the iCloud bandwagon now -  Who would have known that Apple would be pushing for people to join their iCloud service. That is what Apple is trying to get people that used to have the MobileMe storage service they have the chance to upgrade their machines with a free copy of the  Snow Leopard OS X. Now in order for you to be able to take advantage of this offer you need to have an older machine that is running an OS previous to Snow Leopard, like Tiger OS X or anything previous to that. Then once you upgrade to Snow Leopard you are able to upgrade to Lion and then you will be able to get on the cloud the iCloud. Now if you are or once used MobileMe. You need to sign into your account to take advantage of this offer. Because they will be shutting down MobileMe to make way for the iCloud.

Applepalooza - When the first iMac was launched Steve Jobs wanted to go all out, when he made his return to the top tech company. He wanted to go the way of Willy Wonka. He wanted to give the millionth customer to purchase the iMac computer system to get a golden ticket a la Willy Wonka. Once that person was revealed he or she would get the money they used to purchase the computer refunded back and then would win a tour of the Cupertino office and then have a meet and greet with Steve Jobs. In the end the idea was shot down. It would have been one of the coolest ideas that Steve would have ever come up with. Too bad it didn't come to fruition.


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