Samsung Tablet 2 coming soon..

When you are comparing tablets, which tablet is always the first to notice? Well of course the Apple iPad is always the first everyone wants you to have. Now there is a nice alternative to the presigious tablet that tops everyone's list as the go to tablet. Samsung the creator of the Samsung Galaxy tablet is coming out with their newest called Galaxy 2.

What is new with this device? Well one is that the price is lower than the iPad. There will be 2 versions of the device. The 7 inch tablet will go for $250 and will be available on April 22 and there is a 10.1  inch version that will go for $400 and even the most expensive device is lower than the entry level iPad.

They are not going head to head against Apple they will be battling against Amazon Kindle Fire. They want take some customers away from Amazon. Now if you compare and contrast from the Fire to the Galaxy 2 for $50 dollars more you get the Android 4.0 better known as Ice Cream sandwich, you get a Micro SD card slot, and 50 GB worth of free storage at Dropbox. Which is their version of the iCloud. Honestly to have 50 GB for free that is a sweet deal.

Both devices provide you with a 1 GHz dual core processor, front and back cameras, the 10.1 inch version provides you with 16 GB of internal memory, but the 7 inch version only gives you 8 GB worth of internal memory. If you are debating now whether to get this device or the Kindle Fire. This is not a bad option.

Samsung has been promoting how this device has a IR port. What that means to the average user out there. They have a Smart Remote app on the device. So with the IR port you can use your Galaxy tablet as a universal remote. It let's you search for content on your tv, without you channel surfing. Let me provide you with the days to get in line for each device. First the 7 inch device will be available to pre order on April 12 and on 10.1 inch device is available on May 4th. So good luck on your tablet shopping journey.

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