NBC and Olympics enter a new age..

For everyone that is looking forward to the 2012 Summer Olympics that are set in London will have a new way to watch the games live and not be in tape delay and avoiding human contact, or not even looking at the news so they won't ruin the day for you.

So NBC will now be streaming the games online. Yes, you heard that right the games will be streamed online while they are happening. You won't have to wait until later in the day when they air them and when they have already happened. The games will be streamed at nbcolympics.com. The question now would be how many games will be streamed? Will there be a certain number of games that will only be streamed? They do state on their site that they will stream all games online and that there is no limit to the number of games that will be streamed. Everyone must get ready to have their laptops, desktops, at home and or work ready to watch the games if what they state on their site holds true.

The VP and GM of NBC Sports Digital Media Rick Cordella stated to the NY TImes that whatever the schedule is and if there is a camera there it will be streamed.

Back in 2010 when the Winter Olympics happened NBC didn't think of the power of social media and how it would influence. They only streamed live hockey and curling. While all other sports were tape delayed, in this age where we check our Facebook statuses and going on Twitter and seeing what is happening. Social media provided us who wanted to know the results right as it happened and didn't have to wait until NBC aired those games on TV.

So we will see what happens with this idea for NBC. Stay tuned this summer.

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