My review for the Nokia Lumia 900

When you first take a glance at the Nokia Lumia 900 phone you say what a big screen this phone has. And when you turn on the phone you are blown away by how nice the screen looks. This Nokia phone is the first phone that will feature the Windows OS in it's phone lineup.

The screen is 4.3 inches AMOLED, has touchscreen capabilities, the Internet browser is Internet Explorer, Built in Wi-Fi, 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, 1 Mega Pixel front facing camera that could be used for the video chatting feature that is also incorporated. It does have the social network features that every phone now somehow incorporates, for example this phone has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It also does feature Microsoft's version of Siri. Built in Wi-Fi, You can also use the phone as a hotspot if you wish. So you can have up 5 devices connected to your phone. Also the 4G LTE is on this phone. It has 16GB of internal storage. It has AT&T radio included and AT&T Navigator which works as theGPS unit in the car but now it is on your phone, Xbox Live where you can play some Xbox games on your phone, ESPN app is also on the phone for the sports fan out there. Now if you are currently a UVerse customer, now with this phone you can take your tv shows on the go with this phone.

My experience with the phone was a very pleasant one. Like I mentioned above when you first take a glance at the phone, the screen is bigger than the iPhone 4's screen also a little bigger in size. I was very much impressed with the 4G LTE speed on the phone. The speeds just to update  a simple app on the phone downloaded in about 45 seconds. One of the big advantages that this phone has that the iPhone doesn't is that the GPS navigation and the radio is included with the phone but the radio is free for a certain amount of time and then there will be a fee to use the radio. The camera is adequate I wouldn't rate it as better than the iPhone. The battery life on the phone is as comparable to the iPhone one great thing that phone has that the iPhone clearly doesn't is that there is a battery saver function where if your battery dying on you. You just turn on the battery saver function on the phone and you can use the phone for a while longer.

Also one big disadvantage that Microsoft has to battle and also you the user will have to experience if you are going to buy this phone. Is that Microsoft has to start creating apps that the public wants to purchase or download for free. Right now the app market that Microsoft has built is adequate. it has Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Angry Birds but they are working against the Apple app store and the Android market. So overall I would have to say wait a little while longer while Microsoft builds it app market.

The phone comes in 2 colors Matte Black and Cyan. The price on the phone is $99.99 with a 2 year contract but if you are not looking to sign a contract you are looking at a higher price tag. The price for the phone sky rockers to $449.99. If you are currently a AT&T customer and would like to get some more info on the phone. I will include the link directly to their site to research the phone. Or if you are just looking to replace that old phone and want to get a new smartphone this one that I would recommend for you.

Now my overall grade for this phone is a A-

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