iPad mini??

Everyone out there at point or another has owned an Apple device. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there is talk of Apple introducing a brand new iPad and it will come in a smaller version and it will be called the iPad mini. That is if they don't change their minds and go in another way as they did when we were all expecting the iPad 3 and they just came out with the new iPad.

The reason behind the whole idea of launching this mini iPad, is because they are expecting some competition from Microsoft when they launch Windows 8 products and there is no doubt that they will launch their own tablet because they are launching Windows phones that are pretty nice phones that could give Apple some competition. They also want to make a dent into the Amazon Kindle Fire market, because they are offering a pretty decent tablet for a lower price.

What would be the price of this device? Well there is still some debate on the price but there is a range that they are looking at, it could be offered at $249 to $299. They also state that will be ready for a lot of customers looking to purchase this device that is why the rumor states that they could have 6 milion units ready for the first day of launch.

We will see if this rumor holds true. Stay tuned.

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