Instagram is in the money

The rich get richer, Facebook has bought out Instagram. Instagram is a app that was created by a small number of people and has become a hit in the Apple app store and just started in the Android app market. What does this app do? Well if you are not familiar with the app let me explain to you what it does, if you happen to take a picture with your iPhone or Android phone now with the app you can take that pic that you took and change into an old style photo and into any style that you wish to have the photo to look like.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought out this small company for a cool 1 billion dollars, you read that right not millions, $1 billion dollars. What was the idea behind this purchase? We all have at one point or one another have posted pics on Facebook it can be either with our phones or on the computer. What Mr. Zuckerberg is trying to do with this purchase is make Facebook photo sharing a more better experience.

This app was the iPhone app of the Year for 2011 and also you can add to the fact that it is a free download and that you don't have to pay a cent. This app was the 19th most downloaded app for the iPhone.  And it is still a free download in the Apple app store. Like I mentioned above they had just launched last week the same  app for the Android market. So with this publicity that the app is getting it might help it get to the top as the most downloaded app of all time.

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