Google launches cloud service

Every tech company out there has at one point launched their own cloud service. Like Apple launched iCloud, Amazon has their own cloud service, and of course Microsoft has SkyDrive.

Google made the announcement earlier today saying that cloud service will be called Google Drive. It provides you with 5 GB worth of free storage. You can use all of the Google services that they have created like for example you can create documents in Google Docs and any other Google created program that is the equivalent to Microsoft's Office and you can save those creations in the Google Drive.

You can always go beyond the 5 GB if you wish, but do understand that there will be a fee. You can expand your storage capacity to as much as 16 TB. That is insanely a big cloud but if you have a ton of things on your computer than that is the size you are looking for. Everything that you store can be accessed from any device that you have, it can be either on your laptop, your smartphone, or your tablet.

One of the good things of this cloud service  is that you can have any type of document saved in the cloud and you can open it up in the browser. Now if you are someone who doesn't have the such programs like Illustrator or Photoshop you will be able to see what the file is. You can also share any document with anyone and they can edit or recreate it to their liking.

So from the first look of this cloud it looks like a really good deal for any user out there that doesn't want to lose any information that they deem very valuable. So if you are still looking to save some of your information in a cloud and don't know which is best for you. Add this one to one of the possible good cloud services that I have seen.

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