Consumer Reports ranks the new iPad tops amongst tablets

We all have heard the reports of over heating in the new iPad and that may scare off some customers from purchasing the new iPad but apparently that didn't affect the ranking that Consumer Reports, they put the new iPad at the top of the list among all tablet makers.

If you have read reviews from various outlets you may notice that they all seem to agree that the iPad is the best looking screen, the camera takes top notch photos. The battery life on the device is very good.

Now the magazine did make a note that the overheating was brought up. Once they did their testing they did state that the overheating did affect some areas of the new iPad and that it did heat up more than the iPad 2 but that shouldn't stop you from purchasing the device.

If you are still on the fence of whether to get the new iPad or go with another, here is some proof of how people that currently own the new iPad are in love with their new toy. Change Wave  Research performed a poll and they found that 82% of those polled they were in love with their new iPad. One thing that is very much popular among those that were polled was the new Retina display. But one thing that was not a good thing was the price of the device.

One thing to keep in mind that the poll only polled about 200 people, but take into account the sales of what the new iPad did in it's first week out. They sold 3 million that alone should prove that people love the device.

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