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Techy Bytes

Jump on the iCloud bandwagon now –  Who would have known that Apple would be pushing for people to join their iCloud service. That is what Apple is trying to get people that used to have the MobileMe storage service they have the chance to upgrade their machines with a free copy of the  Snow... Read more »

Google launches cloud service

Every tech company out there has at one point launched their own cloud service. Like Apple launched iCloud, Amazon has their own cloud service, and of course Microsoft has SkyDrive. Google made the announcement earlier today saying that cloud service will be called Google Drive. It provides you with 5 GB worth of free storage.... Read more »

NBC and Olympics enter a new age..

For everyone that is looking forward to the 2012 Summer Olympics that are set in London will have a new way to watch the games live and not be in tape delay and avoiding human contact, or not even looking at the news so they won’t ruin the day for you. So NBC will now... Read more »

iPad mini??

Everyone out there at point or another has owned an Apple device. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is talk of Apple introducing a brand new iPad and it will come in a smaller version and it will be called the iPad mini. That is if they don’t change their minds and... Read more »

Samsung Tablet 2 coming soon..

When you are comparing tablets, which tablet is always the first to notice? Well of course the Apple iPad is always the first everyone wants you to have. Now there is a nice alternative to the presigious tablet that tops everyone’s list as the go to tablet. Samsung the creator of the Samsung Galaxy tablet... Read more »

Instagram is in the money

The rich get richer, Facebook has bought out Instagram. Instagram is a app that was created by a small number of people and has become a hit in the Apple app store and just started in the Android app market. What does this app do? Well if you are not familiar with the app let... Read more »

My review for the Nokia Lumia 900

When you first take a glance at the Nokia Lumia 900 phone you say what a big screen this phone has. And when you turn on the phone you are blown away by how nice the screen looks. This Nokia phone is the first phone that will feature the Windows OS in it’s phone lineup.... Read more »

Wii U date leaked.. oops!

We all have heard the rumors that the world will end in 2012 and all that mumble jumble. But if we are still here on earth when the holiday shopping period starts, you will want to get in line for this new product. On Sunday November the 18th that’s when you can get your hands... Read more »

Consumer Reports ranks the new iPad tops amongst tablets

We all have heard the reports of over heating in the new iPad and that may scare off some customers from purchasing the new iPad but apparently that didn’t affect the ranking that Consumer Reports, they put the new iPad at the top of the list among all tablet makers. If you have read reviews... Read more »