To 4G or no 4G

Alert my fellow readers! Now if you are an owner of a iPhone 4S . If you have applied the new software update that Apple has offered you might have noticed that in the top left corner of the phone there is an indicator of your signal strength and the network that you are on, so you may notice an E that represents the Edge network which is the slowest and you will notice 3 bars that comes out when you are on a Wi-Fi connection and then this is where it gets interesting. Now if you apply the update you will see in that section that I mentioned, you will see a 4G. Now you might be asking well then my phone now has a 4G connection right? No.

Your phone is not in anyway faster today than it was yesterday. It is still running on the same connection as it was when you first bought the phone.

Now when the phone was first introduced Apple touted it as a 4G phone. But it has yet to become that type of phone. So even though the update to the iPhone 4S states that there is a 4G connection. But there is still nothing yet finalized. We will wait and see when the iPhone 4S will become a 4G phone. Stay Tuned my fellow readers.


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