The new iPad does it again

This past Monday Apple made an announcement that was not very surprising to anyone who has followed the emergence of this great company. Apple announced that the new iPad has sold 3 million or more in 4 days of it's release.

The thing that makes this device a one of a kind is that it features a stunning Retina display, if you are an owner of the iPad 2 you might not notice it much. But if you are an owner of the original iPad you will compare and see that the new iPad is still the best. It comes with an A5X quad core chip, a 5 mega-pixel camera which is now capable of taking pics and now record HD video. Like I mentioned before on one of my past blogs that is no one wants to be standing in front of someone using their iPad as a camera at a concert. It features a 10 hour battery life. If you use it your local cell provider, now you can use it with 4G LTE capabilities.

Now Apple didn't announce the results of the iPad 2 when it was released because there was not enough because of the short supply that they had during that time. The original iPad sold 300,000 during the first day of the release and it just took them 28 days to reach the million iPad's sold.

The iPhone 4S with a much lower price point and more providers providing the device. The iPhone 4S sold 4 million during it's first weekend out on the market. So with the release of the iPhone 4S and now with the new iPad. It comes as no surprise that they are able to reach this point this fast.

There are people who buy this product now and then later turn around and sell it on Ebay and make a profit because of the market out there. And there are people who will pay more for the device because they really want a new iPad. So congrats Apple on reaching another milestone.

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