Play Ball!

Spring training is in full effect right now for both of Chicago's baseball teams. If you are familiar with the MLB At Bat app it offers a multitude of things for the the baseball fan out there. You can watch any baseball game wherever you are. You can also hear your favorite baseball announcers from the radio wherever you are located.

But of course all of these features are not free. There are a variety of options if you want to listen to the radio station of your favorite baseball team or you want to see your baseball team you can stream them on your device of choice. Now there is an app that is universal for all devices and are free but you will not get the stuff that I mentioned above. It will give you the opportunity to see the scores of the baseball games that are being played at the time you log on.

Now there are two different levels for the app for example the MLB.TV Premium can be purchased for a $124.99 or if you want to go on monthly payments you can go for $24.99 per month. You can watch it on any Mac or Apple TV device.

You can purchase it for a monthly payment of $24.99 per month the same way you can purchase it through the MLB.TV site. But it will charge your iTunes account. Now if you are looking as to which is the better option for you, in the long run I would go with the $124.99 as to the $24.99 per month which could be more expensive but it is nice that they have given you the user this option.

If you just want to hear the radio broadcasts of the games you can get it for $14.99 and or $2.99 per month. But again you will not be getting the TV broadcasts of the games. But you do get one game on video per day and you can see important plays on video.  Last year you had to pay the whole $124.99 at the time of purchase but now they are giving you the option of monthly payments.

MLB at bat is a free download for all Apple devices but if you want watch and hear games that is when you have pay more money.

So enjoy this baseball season guys and hopefully our teams in Chicago come out on top.

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