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Harry Potter goes digital

How times are changing now. Back when Harry Potter was the flavor of the year. People flocked to their local book store and got in line to get the latest release from J.K. Rowling. Who would have thought that this franchise, when it first made it’s debut that it would reach 450 million copies worldwide.... Read more »

My Playstation Vita Review

This is my first official review of a product. And the lucky product that get’s the techy treatment was the Playstation Vita. When you first get a glance into the device you could swear that it is much like the original. The look and feel of the device is practically the same. There are upgrades... Read more »

Buying lottery tickets online

Coming this Sunday the Illinois Lottery will become the first state in the whole United States that will now be selling their lottery tickets online. The Justice Department gave the go ahead to the state of Illinois to go ahead and sell their lottery tickets online. Last year the department stated that the Wire Act... Read more »

The new iPad does it again

This past Monday Apple made an announcement that was not very surprising to anyone who has followed the emergence of this great company. Apple announced that the new iPad has sold 3 million or more in 4 days of it’s release. The thing that makes this device a one of a kind is that it... Read more »

Another one bites the dust

Who amongst my fellow readers remembers going to the library and going straight to the encyclopedia’s to do some research on a paper that you might have been assigned to do. It is a safe bet that your local library might carried the best encyclopedia on the market at the time, and it was encyclopedia... Read more »

To 4G or no 4G

Alert my fellow readers! Now if you are an owner of a iPhone 4S . If you have applied the new software update that Apple has offered you might have noticed that in the top left corner of the phone there is an indicator of your signal strength and the network that you are on,... Read more »

No iPad 3, No iPad HD, Just iPad

Hello again friends. Here we are with the newest and greatest gadget to come out of Apple since the last one that was released. This new device has been debated, from the Internet, blogs, and anywhere where they talk about tech stuff, like we do right here. Everyone always had mentioned that the newer iPad... Read more »

Play Ball!

Spring training is in full effect right now for both of Chicago’s baseball teams. If you are familiar with the MLB At Bat app it offers a multitude of things for the the baseball fan out there. You can watch any baseball game wherever you are. You can also hear your favorite baseball announcers from... Read more »