No iPad 3, No iPad HD, Just iPad

Hello again friends. Here we are with the newest and greatest gadget to come out of Apple since the last one that was released. This new device has been debated, from the Internet, blogs, and anywhere where they talk about tech stuff, like we do right here. Everyone always had mentioned that the newer iPad would be referred to as iPad 3 and then there was some talk as of recently that mentioned that it would be called iPad HD. But in reality when they made the announcement on Thursday, they just named it iPad or maybe new iPad. I will go into detail what are the upgrades to the iPad.

It has a way better retina display. Now if you look at the device first hand. You will say there is not a big difference but now compare it to the iPad 2 and you will really notice the big difference in how it makes photos, videos and even books or magazines that you are reading.

It features a A5X chip with quad core which if you like to play games on your iPad, it will make the games look more crisper and more life like then anything that you have ever experienced maybe the only thing that comes close to it is the PS3 games and Xbox 360 games. The iPad does have a 10 hour battery that is better than the iPad 2.

Now it features as well as a 5 mega-pixel iSight camera which makes have video conferences with co-workers, family members and friends make it seem like you are there with them. You are also able to take photos, and make videos if you wish. This is just my opinion but I don't see the point in taking pictures and or video with your iPad because it is a tad big for you to be holding out to shoot video and or take photos. But that is just my opinion. Moving along.

You are able to take advantage of the new 4G LTE technology that will now be featured on the new iPad. And if you are traveling over seas you can take advantage of the new technology. It doesn't matter if you are an AT&T customer or Verizon you can just pop in a sim card and you can use your iPad overseas. Also you can use your iPad as a hotspot only if your provider allows you to do so. But you can share Internet connection with as many as 5 devices.

One cool thing that is now featured on the iPad is the dictation. What that means is that if you don't want to use the keyboard on your iPad you can just press a button your keyboard that is a microphone and you can say what you want to be typed. One thing you might notice is that is a tad bigger in size and tad heavy. But other than that if you look at it from a far you will not notice the difference. So now the million dollar question out there for my fellow tech geeks are you going to be waiting in line to get your hands on the new iPad or were you not impressed?

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