My Playstation Vita Review

This is my first official review of a product. And the lucky product that get's the techy treatment was the Playstation Vita. When you first get a glance into the device you could swear that it is much like the original. The look and feel of the device is practically the same. There are upgrades from the first generation device.

When you first turn the device on you notice that the screen looks a lot better than the original. It features an OLED screen. One thing that the first gen device didn't have and now that this one has is the touch screen capabilities. The touch screen is very responsive in that it does not lag at any point. It features a front and rear camera where you can take pictures of yourself or if you want to capture a moment. You can also you the pictures that you take and play around with them in some games that are integrated into the Vita. For example you can take a picture and mix it up and you have to put the the picture back into it's original form like a puzzle. The graphics are the closet that you can come to a console like feel in portable gaming.

You can also connect the device to a Wi-fi connection and or go with the 3G connection that AT&T offers with the device. The Wi-Fi connected really quickly to the hot spot. It also features a bluetooth connection so if you wish you can also connect wireless bluetooth headphones and enjoy your game play with your bluetooth headphones. But if you are not an owner of such headphones it does feature your standard headphone connection.

There are some drawbacks to the device. The Internet connection does lag a little if you compare it the iPhone, the iPhone beats the Vita in terms of Internet connection. Now the big drawback if you are a previous owner of the PSP portable console and you still own some of the games you are not going to be able to play those games on the Vita. What you will need to do if you want to play those games on the Vita you are going to have to go on the Playstation Network store and download those games straight on the device. If you Sony wants to compete with Apple in terms of gaming. Apple still wins out because they offer a little more flexible pricing where anyone can afford the games in the iTunes store.

So overall the experience with the Vita was a very good. I highly recommend this device for the gamer out there. If you are still owner of PSP games be warned that you are not going to be able to play those games on the device. I would give this device a B+.

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