Harry Potter goes digital

How times are changing now. Back when Harry Potter was the flavor of the year. People flocked to their local book store and got in line to get the latest release from J.K. Rowling. Who would have thought that this franchise, when it first made it's debut that it would reach 450 million copies worldwide. The entire series of books are now available in digital form and available on the Pottermore website. 

Now if you are interested in purchasing Harry Potter in digital form. The first 3 books will go for $7.99 and the rest of the books go for $9.99. If you want to listen to the audio book the price is $29.99 for the first 3 and $44.99 the rest, and they are read by a British guy named Jim Dale.

You will be able to get the digital e-book in every tablet that is out, you can go from the Amazon Kindle line, Sony reader, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, All the Nook devices and reading apps, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

The site does give you instructions on how to download your e-book to your tablet or phone of choice. So if you are fan and don't want to be lugging around the very thick books this is for you. But there are still hardcore fans that will never go to the digital format because they truly believe that books should be made of pages and pages and not just in digital format. So enjoy everyone.

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