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Coming this Sunday the Illinois Lottery will become the first state in the whole United States that will now be selling their lottery tickets online.

The Justice Department gave the go ahead to the state of Illinois to go ahead and sell their lottery tickets online. Last year the department stated that the Wire Act of 1961 it bans of wagering over telecommunications lines across state and national boundaries and only applies to sports betting. So with that being said Illinois stepped up and said let's go for it.

Now they will not be the last state to do this. There are at least 21 more states that want to get into the online lottery business. New York and other states sell lottery subscriptions but not individual lottery tickets.

This could affect so many people. First it could hurt the person that is selling you the tickets at your local store and also will affect people who are addicted to gambling and can't give it up. But this could be said about when people started buying stuff online, that businesses would go out of business. But there are still some businesses still standing to this day. So we have to see how this will work out for everyone involved.

There has to be a form that has to prevent minors from having access to this. You know that there will be kids that go online and say why can't we do this?

Starting this Sunday at 7am  central time. If you log on to you the user will be asked to register and enter their credit card info with their social security number, date of birth, and name and address. The software will only let users who are 18 and over to play, now you will have a limit as to how much you can spend. The limit is $100 and only Mega Millions and Lotto games will be offered.

We will see how this works out for the Illinois Lottery and if this will be a good idea or will it flop? Stay tuned.

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  • The Justice Dept. did seize the .com domain names of the poker sites (apparently the .net ones are only for fun) and the The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, 31 U.S.C. 5363, prohibits processing funds transfers used for Internet gambling, and is essentially a money laundering statute. So, it isn't limited to sports betting.

    However, like most things, the bankrupt State of Illinois gets benefits that no private individual would. If it wants to foster gambling addiction by letting one do it on their office computer or smart phone, it is just another tax on the mathematically inept. In addition to that reason, I have said before that I will not buy Illinois lottery tickets so long as the antidemocracy administration and legislature is in power here. I don't consider it any different than boycotting CITGO.

    However, you answered your question about how they will keep minors out in the succeeding paragraph, in that the credit card number will be verified before the state will allow the transaction (and the state will probably run a credit check through Equifax or Experian before allowing registration), so the only question is whether mommy will let sis use her credit card. Anyway, that's the system used by the most successful industry on the Internet, porn. Heck, I'm surprised that the state hasn't started up a site for hooking up with hotties in your zip code.

  • Anything for a buck.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Exactly and this could also benefit the kids of Illinois when they go to school

  • while i believe it is a bad idea, i do not think it will flop. they are going to make so much money off of this. i can imagine there will be problems with stolen credit info.

  • In reply to Patrick O’Hara:

    Yea I would have thought that they would have run into problems the first few days, but apparently they are running everything well at this time. So we will see if they expand to more games.

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