Another one bites the dust

Who amongst my fellow readers remembers going to the library and going straight to the encyclopedia's to do some research on a paper that you might have been assigned to do. It is a safe bet that your local library might carried the best encyclopedia on the market at the time, and it was encyclopedia Britannica. Who also remembers that if you wanted to have one complete edition of Britannica it cost a fortune, during that time? Well as we all know everything is now being converted into digital format. As time as gone on people and kids are avoiding Britannica and going towards the Internet for all their information that they might need to look up.

So it is the end of a legacy that started back in 1768. Britannica announced that they are doing away with the making of more copies of their famous research book. It will continue to offer their informative info online. So not all is lost. But for all us that grew up on looking up the info at your local library, it will not be the same.

It is a pretty safe bet that the thing that brought down Britannica was Wikipedia. If you want to look up anything online the first you need to go to is, Wikipedia. Britannica never wanted to enter the digital age, Microsoft proposed at one time a CD-ROM that would later become Encarta. But the suits at Britannica declined and saw sales of their encyclopedia's dip. And that was before even Wikipedia was around.

I mean honestly does anyone now a day's whenever they run into something that they want to look up, who do they turn to? More often than not they go online and the first source is either Google, Wikipedia.  No one has to wait until the next day to go to the library and look it up either because it is a pretty safe bet that everyone has a computer at home. Now Wikipedia has it's flaws with the information that it provides  but even the encyclopedia has the same flaws at times.

I am not one to say do away with this prestigous organization they are still available online and also in iPhone and iPad and DVD form. I just hope that it sticks around for a little longer for all those kids that coming up in schools that will benefit from these editions.

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