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No iPhone! I'm out - That is what some customers have told T-Mobile their cell provider because since the 3 major cell providers have obtained the rights to sell the iPhone more customers from T-Mobile have opted out of their contracts and signed up with one of the big 3. The company announced that it had lost 526,000 subscribers. But in contract based plans they have lost even more, they have lost 802,000 customers. It is unheard of because the way they are losing customers like when people ditched their landline phone. Sprint which obtained the right to sell the iPhone have seen increases in people signing 2 year contracts as well as Verizon and AT&T have seen healthy rises in business. Meanwhile T-Mobile just wonders what to do. T-Mobile at one point had a deal done with AT&T but the FCC and Sprint cried foul and the deal was shot down. And that just brings us to today. T-Mobile is lagging behind while the others are reaping the benefits of having an iPhone in their cell-phone lineup.

AT&T and data limits -  If you are on your Blackberry or iPhone or any smartphone you are familiar with the feeling of being on your phone constantly. Either you are looking at YouTube videos, playing Words with Friends, updating your status on Facebook, sending out Tweets on Twitter.  As you know that could eat up data on your cell plan and that is where AT&T comes into the picture. They want to put a halt on how much you can download on your phone. If you are one of the big spenders of data they want to put a limit on it and slowing the speed of your downloads. AT&T still has some users including me that are still on the unlimited data plan and I have not yet to see the slowing down the downloading of data. Now AT&T has told everyone that if you are on the unlimited plan right now you are very welcome to staying on. But if you are a new customer signing on with AT&T you need to get one of the limited data plans that they offer now. The reason behind that is because they don't want people flooding the network. Be warned guys. AT&T is watching your data usage.

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