Techy Bytes 02-10-12

Apple's Lion is now offering Internet Recovery -  Apple is now offering a new update to their 2010 computer line. Now you will be able to get Internet recovery on your Macbook Air, iMac, Macbook Pro. So if you are not familiar what Internet Recovery does, here it is. Now let's just say if your Apple computer's hard drive starts failing. Internet Recovery takes care of everything. It will download and will start the Lion OS automatically from the Apple servers over a broadband connection. And the Mac has the ability to the same Lion recovery stuff online. Now this feature is already integrated onto the brand new Mac's. This a nice addition to the older Mac's. The only computer that has not received this update is the Mac Pro line and also the newer Mac Pro's are not being shipped with this feature. One has to wonder why that is. If you are an owner of one of the machines I mentioned above as well as the 13 inch Macbook Pro, white Macbook, and Mac Mini.

Amazon now offers 3 kindles for the price of an iPad - Once you are the leader of anything people will come after you and try to take shots. If you have seen the Samsung mobile commercials  and even the one during the Super Bowl, they have taken shots at Apple because of all the people that are always waiting in line for the new iPhone and people who are waiting in line are wowed of how cool looking the Samsung phone looks. Now Amazon doesn't want to get left behind. A couple years back Amazon took a shot at Apple's iPad mentioning that with the Kindle you are able to use it in direct sunlight unlike the iPad. Now they are saying in their new commercial that Amazon offers a low price on their tablets. Mentioning that you are able to purchase 3  kindles for the price of one iPad and everyone in the family can have their own device. Now let's do the math. One Kindle Fire  costs $199 and the basic Kindle with ad's goes for $79. Two Kindle Fires and one Kindle goes $477 well below the price of one iPad which is $499. Now Apple has been rumored in saying that once the iPad 3 comes out the iPad 2 will be lowered in price. But I don't think they will go down to the level of the Kindle or Kindle Fire. Watch the commercial above.

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