PS Vita meet PSP

We all have seen the Taco Bell commercials promoting that they are giving out PSP Vita's. So now the question is for the owners of the PSP and what do you do with all the games that you used to play with? As you may know the Playstation Portable never quite took any fans away from the Nintendo DS. But in the time when the Playstation portable was out they did produce some memorable games. For example, God of War, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Daxter, Metal Gear Solid.

Now how is the PSP games going to work on the new PS Vita? PS Vita supports PSP games through a software emulation. But since the new PS Vita does not have a UMD drive the only way to get the PSP games to work on the PS Vita is if you repurchase them in the Sony Playstation store and then just downloading them straight to the Vita memory card. Now I know that it could be a hassle. But in the long run, the games look way better than they did on the PSP system.

Sony has done upgrades to this new device that when you include new games into the PS Vita, the upgrades are bilinear filtering, and something that Sony came up with called "color space." Now your old PSP games were played at 480 x 272 pixel resolution now the PS Vita gets expanded to a bigger resolution which is 960 x 544. What helps the PS Vita is that it has a OLED screen and it is able to handle more colors compare that to the PSP has a LCD screen.

Now Sony is not offering a full library of PSP games for the Vita at least not at the moment. But if you want a full list of the PSP games that will be able to work on the Vita you can look at on the Playstation Blog. While they are offering 275 PSP games at launch they do promise that more titles will be released in the weeks to come. So stay tuned.

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