iPad 2 price lowers before iPad 3 comes out

We all have seen on the news and on the internet that the much anticipated iPad 3 will be launching on March the 7th and the invites have been sent out to all reporters, unfortunately I didn't receive one. So while this new device has not yet made it's debut. The older version the iPad 2 is already getting it's price lowered.

Best Buy is officially offering the iPad 2 for the discount price of $50 dollars. Now the 16 GB version of the iPad 2 cost $500 now with the discount cost $450, the 32 GB is going for $550 and the 64 GB is going for $650. Now if you are looking to get a 3G iPad which I see no point but if you want one add $130 to the price.

So should you go out and buy one at this present time? I think not. Because when all is said and done. The iPad 2 will probably go for an even lower price. If you are not enticed by what the iPad 3 is offering which is a better camera, higher resolution display or an even faster processor. Wait a couple weeks after next week when the iPad 3 goes launches and then you will see how a lot of retailers that offer the iPad 2 they will go even lower on the price.

So wait for a little while more. But if you are anxiously waiting for the new iPad, get ready for the masses of people battling you to get their hands on this precious device. So good luck.

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