Giants win Super Bowl?

Everyone in the world will be glued to the tv this Sunday. If you are watching the game or you just watch it for the commercials or even just to tune into the halftime show. And there is also the one's that want to watch the game just because Tommy Brady is in the game and he is cute... Oh God! Haha.

As is tradition with EA sports they did their simulation of the big game and the winner of the game is the Giants and they win by 3 points 27-24. They win it on a last second field goal by Lawrence Tynes. If you are into the whole gambling thing in Las Vegas has the Patriots winning by 3.

The company has gotten a better than 50% accuracy in picking the winner of the game. Now when the Patriots and Giants last played in Super Bowl. EA Sports got it wrong. So take it as you guys want. Just don't bet and watch the game and save your money.

Now me personally I want the Giants to win. Because they are a better all around team. And although the Patriots defense has played better in the playoffs. I still don't trust their defense because they haven't played a good offensive team like the Giants. Even though the Patriots have the better QB in Tom Brady. I have seen how Eli has stepped up this year and even led my fantasy football team to winning my fantasy football team. I think he has evolved in a better QB and might beat his brother in Super Bowl's won.

So tune in this Sunday and see who wins the big game and if Madden 2012 get's it right.

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