Old school vs New School, what do you prefer?

Is everything going to be extinct like typewriters, the floppy disk and making way for the new age of learning?

We all have seen people in various platforms use an iPad and they always state that it is a new thing that will take the world by storm. Now with Apple announcing that they wanted to get into the textbook business and create them for the iPad.

Arnie Duncan the Secretary of Education who was formerly the head of schools here in Chicago alongside Juilus Genachowski who is the FCC chairman announced this past Wednesday that they wanted to send out a challenge to teachers around the nation to take advantage of this new way of learning and get on the digital textbook age within 5 years. This comes on the heels of when I mentioned above that Apple wants to sell textbooks for high schoolers over the iPad.

Some of the advantages of going the way of the digital textbook, first you don't have to have your students carrying a ton of books in their backpacks, second the textbooks will never get old, the digital textbook will always stay up to date. It will also give the student a very interactive way of learning subjects.

There are various states already taking advantage of this new age of learning, for example Florida, Utah, Idaho and California. As well as Joplin, Missouri, where the tornado destroyed all the textbooks so they have ditched the textbook and laptops have taken the place of the textbook. Now not many school systems can have access to a broadband connection needed, financial problems often stop schools from taking advantage of the digital textbook.

This is why President Obama has said that we as a nation don't need to fall behind other countries that take advantage of the technology that is right now present.  We need to be leading all the nations in having a smart kid and not be trailing behind.

Hopefully as we all know that soon tablets will be dropping price and I hope that somehow the school systems around the country get on board this new age of technology.

So we will see what happens in the future of our school systems and whether the schools will heade the advice of the Secretary of Education and go the digital textbook age or whether they keep doing stuff the way always do.

Stay tuned.

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  • Alberto, I'm up for the challenge. But here's the thing: textbook publishers need to make sure they provide more than e-versions of the hard-bound books. The e-textbooks need to be interactive with audio so students can listen to text and other info. There need to be links to engaging videos, too. This is a great opportunity for interactive writing exercises, too.

    The other thing is I would need a good maintenance plan. Duct tape won't hold the iPads together because they're gonna get beat up with almost 150 kids using them each day. I can't be held responsible for updating software, replacing broken parts, and teaching.

    Plus, I'm sure textbook companies would want schools to get a membership to their books. I doubt it would be a one-time purchase. Maybe it would be cheaper but who knows?

    I'm interested. But are textbook companies capable of providing affordable versions that do more than a Kindle?

    Do you know of any samples out there?

  • Ray.. I am glad that you are up for the challenge. I am pretty sure that these textbook companies that are right now working on e-textbooks for the iPad are working on making their textbooks very interactive with audio and visuals for the subjects that need more explanation. And right now at this moment they are only available for high school students.

    Yea that is thing I would ask myself to how would they want to implement it into the school. Like I mentioned to my cousin it all depends on the principal how he or she wants to handle it. Because any device that they bring into the school there will have to be a lot of eyes on the devices to see what happens.

    Yea I would think that there would be some sort of yearly plan for schools. Because as we can see textbooks change on a yearly basis. But I think they might somehow offer a discount to schools.

    I mean right now they are only available on the iPad which is somewhat expensive. But I happened to look at the iTunes U store and see the lessons and videos of certain subjects in different parts of the country and they are free. So there is no fee. But they did mention that textbooks would be affordable. Now the only e-reader out on the market right now that is affordable and meets the criteria of the iPad would be the Kindle Fire. But as of right now I am not aware if they also will be offering e-textbooks.

    What are you referring in samples? Are you asking if the the company can offer a e-reader for a try out and see if it works?

  • In reply to Aarreola1003:

    I'm don't see me mentioning samples. I just want these to be interactive with a maintenance plan and the content needs to be aligned with Common Core Standards.

    If Arnie Duncan can provide me with e-textbooks that fulfill the criteria above, I'm interested.

  • Great article!
    I think kids are generally more interested when things are in electronic form. Using textbooks and chalkboards makes students easily lose interest. Once tablets decrease in price, it would be a GREAT idea to offer textbooks on tablets to college students. Tablets could also be given to grade-schoolers (with protective casing of course) to provide interactive learning activities. I think its all time for us to admit that technology is taking over and education is no exception!

  • In reply to Caitlin Hofherr:

    Thanks! Don't forget also the high school level needs to take part in this technology age. I agree in part that there are some kids that learn better with gadgets and there are others that no matter what they teach them with, they will learn. I think that if a school were to call a manufacturer of a tablet and they explained what their situation is. They might be able to get a discount on a big tablet package.

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