Apple's Mountain Lion is an iPad look a like

On October of 2010, Apple held an event at it's Cupertino HQ. They called it the Back to the Mac, and at this event they showed off the newest OS for the computer called Lion OSX 10.7 it brought a lot of features from the iOS to the Mac for example the FaceTime video chat, full-screen mode, and the App Store.

It was just the beginning to something bigger that is now coming to fruition.

Last week Apple unveiled the new OS called Mountian Lion OSX 10.8, this is the first upgrade since the launch of Lion. As you know all the OS's that Apple has unveiled has a cat in it's name and this is just a continuation of Lion. Now with this OS they have combined the new iCloud service. The OS and the iCloud work together that they should of just called it something with cloud in it.

Apple is just showing this off to us the users so we can get used to it when it is launched this year. But the first people to use this new OS are the developers who work on the app's for the computer. Apple states that it will have the final version of the OS done by this summer. It should be appearing in the App Store, like when they launched Lion last July 2011. This might be the quickest new OS for Apple. Because when Lion made it's debut, almost 2 years after Snow Leopard.

When you first look at the desktop of the new OS it doesn't change. It is pretty much the same, now when Microsoft launches their new OS they will do a complete overhaul of their OS and that could irritate some Windows users like when they launched Windows Vista.

They have a notification center like they do on the iPhone. So whenever something new happens on an app that you have on your computer, it will notify you on the right side of your computer. This could be a benefit for a user that is working on an app and doesn't want to leave it to go to another.

They do bring iMessages to the Mac, if you are a familar with that feature on your iPad or iPhone. This is what it basically does. If your have friends or family members that own any Apple device, it could be an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and you communicate with them for free. Now like iChat on your computer now iMessages works with AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk. But if those friends own a Mac you can chat with them for free through iMessages. But if you are talking to someone on one device you can continue the conversation on another device. So you don't lose the conversation.

So will be anticipating the release and see when they show it to the masses, and we will see then and there if it is worth to upgrade or just let your computer stay as is.

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