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iPad 2 price lowers before iPad 3 comes out

We all have seen on the news and on the internet that the much anticipated iPad 3 will be launching on March the 7th and the invites have been sent out to all reporters, unfortunately I didn’t receive one. So while this new device has not yet made it’s debut. The older version the iPad... Read more »

Techy Bytes

No iPhone! I’m out – That is what some customers have told T-Mobile their cell provider because since the 3 major cell providers have obtained the rights to sell the iPhone more customers from T-Mobile have opted out of their contracts and signed up with one of the big 3. The company announced that it... Read more »

Apple's Mountain Lion is an iPad look a like

On October of 2010, Apple held an event at it’s Cupertino HQ. They called it the Back to the Mac, and at this event they showed off the newest OS for the computer called Lion OSX 10.7 it brought a lot of features from the iOS to the Mac for example the FaceTime video chat,... Read more »


If you follow sports you might have heard the chants from people on TV that this is the greatest story that we have come across and I agree completly. Let me introduce you to what this mania is all about. The New York Knicks were a below average team that was losing even though they... Read more »

PS Vita meet PSP

We all have seen the Taco Bell commercials promoting that they are giving out PSP Vita’s. So now the question is for the owners of the PSP and what do you do with all the games that you used to play with? As you may know the Playstation Portable never quite took any fans away... Read more »

Techy Bytes 02-10-12

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Apple’s Lion is now offering Internet Recovery – ¬†Apple is now offering a new update to their 2010 computer line. Now you will be able to get Internet recovery on your Macbook Air, iMac, Macbook Pro. So if you are not familiar what Internet Recovery does, here it is. Now let’s just say if your... Read more »

Old school vs New School, what do you prefer?

Is everything going to be extinct like typewriters, the floppy disk and making way for the new age of learning? We all have seen people in various platforms use an iPad and they always state that it is a new thing that will take the world by storm. Now with Apple announcing that they wanted... Read more »

Giants win Super Bowl?

Everyone in the world will be glued to the tv this Sunday. If you are watching the game or you just watch it for the commercials or even just to tune into the halftime show. And there is also the one’s that want to watch the game just because Tommy Brady is in the game... Read more »