Techy Bytes 01-27-2012

Facebook Timeline is coming beware! -  If you are on Facebook and who isn't, you might have run into some friends changing their pages to timeline format. And if you are like me, I don't like it. It's one to somehow gather your pasts posts and make you rememeber what you posted on January 1st of 2000. But to somehow make the page look so gigantic where even on your phone it doesn't look good. So if you are not a fan and want some advice. I will provide you with some steps to avoid this change. First you are going to use the "hide from timeline" alot. If you have any posts that you don't want anyone to see you will have to get on the hide from timeline feature. This feature is on the top right corner of your timeline you can find it under the edit or remove section. Second what I mentioned before the pic on the front of your page will now be huge. If you don't want that picture of you in Vegas with friends drinking  late at night. You might want to change that going to the edit and remove section under the change primary photo. Third photos and albums can now be geotagged for locations. If you don't want to be geotagged you either can remove the tag yourself or have your friend remove it for you. But it is a hassle. So hopefully I have helped you in this new journey of Facebook. Don't be surprised when the timeline happens on your page.

Xbox 720 coming? - There will be a new Xbox it is just a matter of when and where it will be released and of course what the name is. Rumors are floating around the net. Some of the rumors out there say that it will let you play blu-ray discs, and it will have kinect already included into the console. It will be a new version of the Kinect. It will run even faster than the 360. From what the rumors are saying it will blow the 360 out of the water. The controllers will be smaller. Now will users of the Xbox like this new feature that they are looking to implement which is that this will be the anti-used game system. Meaning if you are accustomed to buying used games you will not be going to able to use it on this new console.

Want a good discount? - Now if you are familiar with working in a retail setting usually when you are an employee and you want to purchase an item from the retail store, you can get a product for as much as 10% off or more depending on the company itself. But here is the best news heard in some time. If you want to own an iPad or a Mac you can now work for Apple a couple months and get the best discount that I have seen in sometime. Apple did so well in earnings that new CEO Tim Cook said a town hall meeting that employees will get good discounts. Discounts will no go into effect until June of this year and the discount will save you $250 on an iPad and $500 off a Mac. Now the catch is that you can only use the discount once every 3 years or you have to be working with Apple for 90 days. Great deal for those who want to apply for a summer job. So let's get to applying for an Apple job.

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