Techy Bytes 01-13-12

Techy Bytes is back on Friday the 13th.. ooooh. Boooo. Let's get down to business.

There is an app for that? - If you saw the movie "Wedding Crashers" and you are a single guy with a bunch of friends. Didn't you always say to your guys, let's go out and crash a wedding. Well apparently now there is an app for that. The app is called Crash Corsage. Now this app provides you with all you need to crash this wedding. Where said wedding is located, what is the dress code, and any personal info that the bride and groom may have provided. It also gives you achievement points if you do a toast, and if you hit on a girl at the wedding party. I don't see this app going popular. One thing is to see it on the movie screen, but another to have it happen in real life. So we will see what happens from here and out.

A bootleg Mario Kart is out - If you are a fan of one of the most famous Mario Bros game ever. You might be longing for the opportunity to play Mario Kart on your portable device, be a iPhone, Android phone. A Chinese app creator created a mock up of the Mario Kart game. The game is called Mole Kart. You certainly know that any lawyers that Nintendo has will squash the idea of this even getting out. But you know there will be people out there that will search for this game in other sites to get it illegally. The more and more that Nintendo doesn't release the game on portable devices, the more people will go the illegal route. So Nintendo please release the Mario Kart app.





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