JT brings Myspace back!

I know that everyone reading this blog at one point or another they must have had a Myspace account. Until Facebook and Twitter was popular, everyone just flocked to those social sites and left Myspace out to die. Now co-owner of Myspace Mr. Justin Timberlake is changing the way Myspace functions.

Coming out in the spring Myspace TV will be streaming tv content straight to your mobile devices. Myspace TV gives you content on your favorite shows and then you can interact with your friends if they are watching the same show as you. CEO Tim Vanderhook and co-owner Justin Timberlake announced the new social media idea at CES. They want to take TV and social media to a whole new level.

When this launches it will include music channels using the music, music videos that Myspace already has in their hands. They want to expand into reality TV channels, sports channels, movies and news. Myspace will be joining forces with Panasonic when it launches. Myspace TV will be on the Viera Connect Platform. What that platform does is, it let's Panasonic TV's to access content on the net. The complete roll out of the new Myspace TV will be done in the next 6 months.

So we will see if Myspace TV is a success or will Justin's creation be a dud. Stay tuned and see.


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  • I do not picture MySpace taking back off even with Justin'http://www.chicagonow.com/chicago-techy/2012/01/jt-brings-myspace-back/#fb-comment-submits backing.

  • Chicago Techy here! I agree it would take a lot for Myspace to be completely back. But you know there will be some with just his presence will flock back to Myspace. We will see.

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