iPad 3 coming??

As we all know the net will spread a lot of rumors. We all know that there will be an iPad 3 it is just a matter of time before it comes out and this is why I am here for anyone that is looking to get a new iPad. Then this is the blog for you. Let me provide to you the details of what the new device might look like.

First when you look at the screen it will feature a high def screen, it will have an even faster processor than the iPad 2, and it will work on the newest and fastest network which is the 4G LTE. The official date of the launch is still murky but they are saying that it will happen in March.

Now you might be asking as to, why are they bringing the 4G LTE technology to the iPad and not the iPhone. Well they are saying that the iPad supports a bigger battery and it will be able to support the new power requirements for the newer technology. And also they might want to see how the iPad will react and then incorporate it into the new iPhone 5.

So now the million dollar question for everyone out there. Will you be out there buying the iPad 3? Or will you just say no! I already have an iPad. I don't need another one.

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