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I just want to say sorry to all my fellow readers, I am sorry that I wasn't able to blog in the last couple weeks. I had assumed that everyone out there would be too busy with shopping their Christmas gifts and getting ready for New Years, so then people would not be sitting down at their computers and reading blogs.  I am back now. So let's get down to business guys!

Now I am going to introduce you to a new company that is willing to take on the big boys and take them down. And I am very confident that this company will. The name of the compnay is Computer prodigies. The person who started this venture is Justin Cardoza, he started this company named Computer Prodigies. He and I used to work at the same company called CompUSA. He was the tech and I was the person that would be selling the technology to you the user. He formed this company out of the bedroom of his parent's house.

He has customers from all around the Chicago area and also in the Hammond, Ind area. Now tell me this who in the world would come all the way from Indiana to get their computer serviced? It is someone who trusts the person that is doing tech work on their computer. This business has grown from word of mouth from the public and has grown from the business that was in a bedroom in his parents house and now is a legit business at 5032 S. Archer Ave in Chicago.

Now let me introduce you to the way he conducts his business. He personally created at 24 point inspection test that guarantees that you will receive the best service possible. He has come across various customers that have lost money with others and that is why he created the 24 point inspection test. They document every repair and virus removal in each computer. He also installs up to 10 programs on your computer and none of the programs are pirated or illegal, they are all the legit version. Also if you refer or get something done to your computer you are entered into a contest for gift cards at various locations like for example AMC theaters, Chili's restaurants, and Applebee's.

He is someone that knows how the economy is and knows the problems of the people. For example if you bring in your computer to be serviced and you find that it might be too expensive you can come and pick up your computer free at no charge. One thing that is very enticing for anyone is that if you feel that your computer is acting up you can bring it in and he will diagnose it free of charge.

He also works with the community on various times. For example the company has worked with the American Cancer Society, and the American Red Cross for Haiti. They also had a food drive for the needy during the holidays.

So all in all let me provide you with the details, if you are in the market for a tech to solve all your computer problems I highly recommend Mr. Justin Cardoza of Computer Prodigies located at 5032 S. Archer Ave, phone number is 773-216-0656 and if you want to speak to someone in Spanish you can contact them at 773-707-1397. They do service all major computer brands and also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover card. Let me also include a link to his site so you can take a look at what he offers. He wants to offer you the best customer experience. So go ahead and try him out.



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    Well I go to Computer prodigies and Justin Cardoza for all my computer problems and right now I am stationed oversea I don't trust a lot of people but he is one.

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