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Techy Bytes 01-27-2012

Facebook Timeline is coming beware! –  If you are on Facebook and who isn’t, you might have run into some friends changing their pages to timeline format. And if you are like me, I don’t like it. It’s one to somehow gather your pasts posts and make you rememeber what you posted on January 1st... Read more »

New wireless connection coming from Apple

Apple is planning on upping the ante in terms of wireless connections. If you have connected the Wi-Fi in your house, and you have shopped for the router at your local electronics store. You are familiar with the connections that read 802.11G, 802.11N and the last one that I mentioned is the fastest to date.... Read more »

Apple goes to to school

We all have noticed as to how the iPad has taken over the lives of everyone that owns one or a business that incorporates it into their daily regimen. You also notice as to how once you own an Apple device your lives become easier or once someone says where is this place? Let me... Read more »

iPad 3 coming??

As we all know the net will spread a lot of rumors. We all know that there will be an iPad 3 it is just a matter of time before it comes out and this is why I am here for anyone that is looking to get a new iPad. Then this is the blog... Read more »

Techy Bytes 01-13-12

Techy Bytes is back on Friday the 13th.. ooooh. Boooo. Let’s get down to business. There is an app for that? – If you saw the movie “Wedding Crashers” and you are a single guy with a bunch of friends. Didn’t you always say to your guys, let’s go out and crash a wedding. Well... Read more »

JT brings Myspace back!

I know that everyone reading this blog at one point or another they must have had a Myspace account. Until Facebook and Twitter was popular, everyone just flocked to those social sites and left Myspace out to die. Now co-owner of Myspace Mr. Justin Timberlake is changing the way Myspace functions. Coming out in the... Read more »

To cross the border or no

Now do you ever get the feeling that when you reach the border to another country that you have everything in hand. Or if not, what are you going to do. But if you are  tech-wizard you can apparently get out of trouble without worry. Apparently you can just present an iPad with a scanned... Read more »

Introducing - Computer Prodigies

I just want to say sorry to all my fellow readers, I am sorry that I wasn’t able to blog in the last couple weeks. I had assumed that everyone out there would be too busy with shopping their Christmas gifts and getting ready for New Years, so then people would not be sitting down... Read more »