Techy Bytes 12-09-11

New Xbox Live Interface - Microsoft has launched a new interface for their Xbox Live system. Now with the update you are able to access your music, TV shows, movies and games with the sound of your voice and the wave of your hand. The CEO introduced the interface some time back and it is very similar to the new update that is coming out for your Windows computer which will the Windows 8. If you are a Kinect owner you are familiar with Kinect, you know that you have to wave your hand and you can speak to the Kinect system and it will allow you to search through your Xbox without using a controller, plus if you are an owner of a Windows phone you can use that to navigate through your Xbox 360. The interface is already out so if you haven't downloaded it yet, do it now. When the demonstrated this recently that had someone says "Xbox, Bing, Iron Man" so what that does is that Bing will search for all items related to Iron Man on the web. Now in order for you to take advantage of this you need to be a member of the Xbox Live gold member and have a internet connect and that is worth $60 a year. So for everyone out there a little heads up because this could be something your kids will be asking for this Christmas.

Look out here is a deal you can't refuse - Now if you familiar with my blog. I had posted some time back that HP was getting out of the tablet business and that they were selling the last of their tablet devices for the low low price of $99. So if you were one of the lucky ones congratulations. But here is a new deal that you might look into purchasing they are offering these devices for $99 dollars and they are going to available on Sunday at 6pm Central time. And it will be available on Ebay's HP site. But with every thing there is a catch. Now these are not new models. They are refurbished models. They only carry 90 day warranties not like a new one. And in order to pay for the tablet you need to use PayPal. And then you can only purchase no more than 2 tablets. So if you are a reader of this blog you will have a head start on this sale. I will include the link to the site so come on Sunday you will have a head start on be in front of your computer at 6pm Sunday night. So good luck guys and gals.

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