Blackberry Playbook on sale!

Now we all have seen how RIM aka Blackberry has lost all it's luster from the moment that the iPhone and various other devices came into the market and has never quite met the same expectations that it did when they first burst onto the scene. So then they saw as Apple and Google made a big dent in the tablet market that they said to themselves well let's take a stab at it.

So they did, they came up with the Blackberry Playbook. Now one of my pet peeves with what RIM was doing with the device. Was that they were only making available to businesses, the reason behind their thinking there was that when they first launched the Blackberry phone the first people to ever get their hands on the device were businesses, so they said if that worked the first time around why won't it work again.

Well it turns out that it didn't work. Businesses are more accustomed to the iPad and various other Android tablets that when the Playbook hit the market. People just yawned. Nothing exciting was being brought by Blackberry when they launched this device. So then this past Black Friday, Blackberry put their tablet on sale for $199, the sale was so good for Blackberry that they ran out of inventory and some stores had to stop taking orders and at times had to cancel orders that were already made. So now they are at it again offering the tablet for $199 that is for the 16GB model but if you want to double the capacity you can now get it for $299 and the 64GB model is going for $399 at Staples. While at Best Buy and Office Depot they are selling the 16GB model for the same price of $199 and the 32 GB model is at $249 and the 64 GB model is $399. Let me reiterate this. These models are available for everyone to buy.

The reason why they are going in this direction is because Blackberry now has very fierce competition from the Amazon Fire tablet that they want to somehow take away some of their thunder. They are so committed to this that they are willing to lose money.

But in my opinion the Amazon Fire is clearly a lot better. Because the Fire has more apps, an easier way to purchase books, music, and movies. With the Blackberry they are not at the caliber of Amazon.

If you willing to bet that this a good deal and that Blackberry will provide you with more stuff later on. Go ahead and buy this device. But if you are an impatient person that wants to get a tablet and start playing around with it. Then go with any other device. I hope this helps you, if you are still shopping for that perfect Christmas present.

I want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year.


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