The car of the future is here!

What do you get when you combine a smartphone and a car? You get the car of the future. Toyota's president unveiled a model that could wow the average American. Take into account that Toyota unveiled this concept car at the Tokyo auto show. At this show they are going to show off some nice cars one which will be an electric car and another that will be a new version of the Prius that will combine gas and electric functions.

But the star of the auto show was the smartphone slash car called Fun-Vii. The car runs on a computer system so you can access the car dealership via the touch screen on the touch panel door.

Toyota did mention that this car is the car of the future and you can see it soon in 20XX not giving a definite date to when and where it will launch. The show has been scaled down and not even our US auto maker Ford is not taking part in this show.

Now let's talk about the cars that will be soon at our local Toyota dealership. The hybrid vehicle called Aqua in Japan but outside of Japan it will still be known as Prius. The electrical vehicle which is still a concept or an idea car is called FT-EV III this car is just designed for short trips. It goes 65 mph on one full charge.

So stay tuned guys for that car that is a smartphone and a car all in one. Because who would have thought that we would be in presence of this type of car. We all who watched cartoons only saw these types of cars, devices on the Jetsons. Don't you think back when you were living in 1980's, 70's, 60's thought we would be living like on the Jetsons. It is slowly becoming like that. So stay tuned for the Toyota car to come out that will ooh and aah us all.

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