Techy Bytes 11-18-11

Google and the music - Google has officially entered into the music business. Like everything anyone does they will always be compared to Apple. This is one of those occasions. Apple has iTunes and now Google has Google Music how original. So let's get into the specifics of what Google Music offers. If you are not a fan of the iTunes brand this might be the thing for you. So like the iTunes music store, the music is priced the same .69 cents up to $1.29 with over 13 millions tracks to download. Like Apple you can also store your music on their cloud for free and you can store up to 20,000 tracks. You can also integrate the music onto your Google plus page and your friends that are in your circle can stream the music for free one time only.

Facebook mouse - Yes you heard that right. There is a mouse that can take you right to the Facebook page. HP has created the X7000 mouse. The mouse has a dedicated button for Facebook. Just click it and you are on the page. The mouse a strip that let's you navigate around the site. It connects to your computer via a USB receiver. but you can also connect it with Wi-Fi. With the Wi-Fi you won't lose any cables or atttachments. Now you are not able to get this mouse with any old computer. You have to have a Windows 7 computer. So if you want a mouse that connects you directly to Facebook this is the one for you.

PETA vs Mario - Peta has now turned their attention to a video game. It has gone after Mario Bros the video game. Now if you are familiar with the whole Mario Bros series you are aware that in Super Mario Bros 3, Mario wears a racoon suit. And with the new game called Mario Bros 3DS he is back to wearing the suit. Now their campaign is that Mario wearing the racoon suit does what it takes to rescue the princess in the game. By wearing the suit Mario is saying it is okay to wear fur. Now this is where they are stepping out of the line. This is a character not a real person. Mario is not a violent character that promotes violence. So I don't know what they are thinking at PETA. Just lay off of Mario and go bug someone else.

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